Why you must add San Diego to your USA travel plans! Hint: Seals

If I were to list the top 5 things I’m passionate about it would look a lot like this:  1) Animals 2) Photography 3) Travel 4) Fitness & Health 5) Trying new things!

With that said, my blog will be mostly covering those 5 topics.

This one covers 3 of them in fact.  Animals, Photography AND Travel.

We headed over the US of A in February on our Honeymoon.  We visited Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Canada (Banff & Jasper), NYC, The Bahamas & then San Diego on the way home.

We only had 2 full days in San Diego (we stayed 2 nights but arrived late on the first night).  I didn’t have high expectations, from what I’d heard it wasn’t particularly memorable but we wanted to see it for ourselves and we really didn’t want to spend more time in LA as we’d seen it 3 times already over the last few years.  I knew there were some seals to see, and Aidan knew there were MANY, MANY micro Breweries – so we were in!

We landed when it was dark and holy moly, what a pretty night time cityscape to land in!  On the first day we explored the Seaport Village (so cute –  loved it there), rode bikes all along San Diego Bay (I think it’s growing up in WA, we seem to always head towards the water!), and visited a fair few of the cool bars and restaurants in the Gaslamp Quarter.  We hopped on the Ferry and visited Coronado which was quiet but oh so pretty.

The next day we got up early and headed out to La Jolla, which FYI is pronounced “La Hoya” (as our uber driver told us in fits of giggles after I asked him to take us to La Jolla)!  The locals told us we might not see many Seals or Sea Lions as it was really overcast and a bit drizzly but we had NOTHING to worry about!  Next time, we’re taking our bathers and snorkels – I couldn’t believe how relaxed they were around us.  There was a man snorkeling through the bay and the most gorgeous flubby Seal followed him inquisitively the whole time!  I was very jealous and had we not been flying out later that day I would’ve jumped in in my jeans and ugg boots!

Here’s some of my favourite shots from our couple of hours watching them do their thing.  My mouth hurt from smiling by the time Aidan dragged me away.

So, there are both Seals and Sea Lions at La Jolla.  Seal Lions have external ears while the Seals don’t! (Please correct me if I’m wrong on that!)



Based on the extrenal ear theory, I’m going to say these guys are all Sea Lions 🙂


Whereas this gorgeous little one must be a Seal.  He/She was SO close to us and lay there for about 10 minutes just watching us calmly.  I could’ve easily brought him home with us!

Personally I would visit San Diego again before I’d go back to San Francisco or Los Angeles 🙂  It’s also only a short drive to the border in Tijuana which we will definitely be crossing next time we visit 🙂

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