Haute & Hound – Susan & Gracey

Dramatic sky, formal gown and a Staffy butt . . it doesn’t get much better.

It was a unusually still evening on City Beach when we met Susan and Gracey for our very first ‘prototype’ Haute & Hound Session.  Susan and her pups were featured in Tails Of Perth and we’d kept in touch on social media ever since.  When I decided i wanted to launch Haute & Hound I knew I’d need to have some sample images.  Telling people I want them to wear full length gowns while they walk their Dog is normally met with a slightly scared and very confused look.  I asked Susan if she’d be keen and was thrilled she agreed to the unusual idea – even more so once she arrived.  While week to week you’ll find Susan in sneakers and gym wear, she (like so man of us) LOVE an excuse to get glammed up once in a while.  She looked drop dead gorgeous as she hopped out of the car, “I’m looking pretty extra for the beach” she laughed as we headed down the beach path (every passer by smiling at her for a good few seconds longer than is normally acceptable).

There is something magical and so special to me about walking along a beach bare foot in a formal gown, with your best friend by your side.

We started off atop the dunes, with the tall grass blowing in the breeze and Gracey admiring the open space in front of her but often glancing back at Mum with a gummy smile.



This one made my heart stop for a second . . .





We always let our Doggy models have little breaks for Doggy time where they can explore, sniff and do their own thing in between any portraits or trick shots.  Gracey here just wanted to trot along the waters edge and was only too happy to let Mum in on the fun.



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These images captured what I call ‘the in between’.  The parts of life that on the surface may not seem that unique, you’re just walking on a beach with your Dog – your mind might not even remember the specifics if we weren’t there photographing it.  But when it comes down to it, these are the moments we most need captured.  The peaceful, uneventful parts of life where things are calm are the very essence of who you are.  You’re doing life.  No drama, no stress, no deadlines.  Just breathing in the ocean air with the little soul that makes everything better, just by existing.

These 2 hours are you dedicating a tiny portion of your year (0.0228% in fact!) to capturing the very special relationship with the Dog that galloped into your life & changed everything. – I reckon they’re worth it.

Feel like throwing on your ball gown and running through the water with your own furry soul mate?  Get in touch now!

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