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They call me CBear.  I’m passionate, bubbly and a little bit dog crazy.  I’m living my very best life here in beautiful Perth, Western Australia.

I’m a talk too fast, feel too much, laugh a lot, sleep too little kinda person (and I’m strangely proud of that).

I’ve been exclusively photographing animals for 10 years now and there’s nothing in the world I’d rather be doing every day.  I create images that celebrate everything we love about these amazing furry beings.

I’ve been lucky enough to win 13 International & State Photography Awards in the last 2 years – I’m incredibly proud to know we’re consistently producing Award Winning work for our clients.

I love to be inspired and will continue to push the boundaries of what the world sees as Pet Portraiture.

More than anything, I want to capture images that celebrate your heart dog.  I lost mine in February of 2017 and I can tell you now, the images that bring me the most peace are the ones of us together.  Not the thousands of him being a goof on my iphone, but the ones where I’m looking at him, where he’s walking behind me, or we’re running along the beach without a care in the world.  The images of us doing life together.  They’re the ones that make me feel close to him.  All of our photo adventures include some images of you with your pup, because the only thing that tops how beautiful they are, is how special the relationship you have with them is.

I’d be honoured if you chose me to be your pet photographer.

If you’d like to book your own Petography photo shoot, please get in touch via the contact form, email us at claire@petography.com.au or head over to the main website to see more of our work.

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