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You’re a Dog lover who believes in celebrating life with your Dog by your side.

You care more about how happy he is panting on the back seat than you do about the drool and sand making a paste in your clean car.  Dog hair is a standard part of your outfit these days.  You’ve lost some beautiful shoes along the way, and the garden has changed a bit . . but you’d choose him again a million times over, despite all of that.  You are grateful for every incredible day with the Dog that walked into your life and changed everything.

We’ll meet you out in the wild, where your dog can smell all the smells, do all the wees, and bark all the barks he likes.  For nervous pups we can begin at home where they can get used to the camera and the attention before we head out for our adventure.

Most Petography models actually stay on lead the whole time – we can take care of that in photoshop.  We’ll send you a questionnaire where you can tell us all about your pups obedience/training and personality so we can be sure we pick a location together that is magical and suited to your pups needs.  The most important thing is that you and they are 100% comfortable.

Your booking fee is $250 (this includes up to 2 pets and 2 humans from the same home).  This $250 is then transferred to product credit at your ordering session (so your session is actually free!)

Most Petography clients spend between $900 & $1500 on their chosen artwork.  Some spend less, and many spend more.

Digital Packages begin at $1,500 and Wall art begins at $650.  BIG savings are offered if you choose both wall art and digital packages.

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