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At almost 60kgs, Tonka is often judged before he gets a chance to prove the unfair stereotypes about big dogs wrong.  Bec from Staffy & Bull Breed Rescue contacted me with Tonka’s story & before I had seen a picture I spoke to Mum about fostering him “if he gets realllyyyy desperate”i believe was my wording.  Sure enough we picked Tonka up yesterday, he’s to stay at Mum’s until a more permanent foster carer is available.  Within an hour i knew I was attached to this amazing boy.  Yes, he is large . .  but he has the heart to match.  I have never in all my years had the pleasure of walking such a calm & obedient dog on the lead!!  He puts my 15kg Bearded Collie to shame!!!  As we passed a man running with a Blue Heeler along side him I told Tonka to sit & I held on  tightly to his lead (a dog that weighs a few kilos more than me could certainly drag me along if he wanted to) and to my absolute delight he didn’t even watch the dog pass us!  Tonka just looked up at me with a big goofy smile & waited to be told to walk again.  He gets along with Mum’s other dogs, cats, kittens and even bunnies!!  He ALWAYS sits when told & is honestly one of the politest dogs i’ve ever, ever met.  Please share Tonka’s photos around on facebook & urge all your friends to do the same.  He’s only 20 months old & has already been passed around too much.  The next home Tonka goes to will be his forever home where the love & respect he is given will erase any negative memories he may have of his unloved start to life.  

  Tonka has completely stolen my heart – he is an amazing soul & deserves nothing but the very best for the rest of his life.   If you think you can love him forever, please contact Bec on 0405 164 598 or check out his Pet Rescue Profile here.  I know Tonka’s forever home is out there somewhere – please help him find it xxx

  • Liz Stabbert - September 2, 2011 - 08:10

    oh my gosh that winking shot is priceless! What a cute pup!ReplyCancel

  • charlene - June 13, 2012 - 23:35

    Claire–he is so beautiful. Love those eyes! THanks for sharing SABBR’s story.ReplyCancel

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